Wednesday, June 2, 2010
My husband and I had a blast taking our two little girl’s to spend the day at the aquarium exploring all of the fish, birds, and habitats.  We were surprised to know that the penguins had delivered babies while we were there and you would have thought the president arrived with all of the security and crowds forming around there habitat to catch a look at the babies.

DSC00731-2 DSC00736-2DSC00754-2    DSC00756-2DSC00759-2  DSC00765-2 DSC00767-2 DSC00778-2 DSC00779-2 DSC00780-2 DSC00781-2 DSC00782-2 DSC00785-2 DSC00787-2 DSC00788-2 DSC00791-2  DSC00794-2  DSC00806-2 DSC00807-2 DSC00811-2

DSC00814-2DSC00818-2   DSC00823-2 DSC00824-2   DSC00833-2  DSC00838-2 DSC00839-2 DSC00844-2DSC00851-2    DSC00867-2 DSC00870-2 DSC00871-2 DSC00872-2 DSC00873-2 DSC00875-2 DSC00876-2 DSC00877-2 DSC00878-2 DSC00879-2

DSC00922-2 DSC00923-2 DSC00925-2 DSC00926-2 DSC00927-2 DSC00928-2 DSC00933-2 DSC00934-2  DSC00936-2 DSC00937-2 DSC00938-2


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