Tuesday, June 15, 2010
Hello, welcome to my blog and congratulations on your engagement! I am a graphic designer/photographer based out of Chattanooga, TN, willing and able to travel, with an eye for feelings, emotions, and an uncanny ability to make people laugh at any given moment.
Wedding photography is all about the details. Being able to capture moments two people share on their special day is critical for a successful photo shoot. Wedding photography isn’t just about taking pictures of the wedding day, it’s about being able to get to know you as a couple, as individuals, and be able to show the world the charisma and personality your relationship has, that your love story has. For this reason alone, this is why I believe that it is critical that my clients have all of the digital image files from your wedding day. I do not believe in limiting the number of digital files you receive. What may be important to me might not be to you. Providing all digital image files allows you to revisit the entire day from start to finish. Because of the time invested with each wedding client, I am only able to accept a very limited number of weddings a year. I highly encourage you to contact me to set up a consultation where we can talk together about your wedding day and photography vision. Please email me at, today to reserve your special day!


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