Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It’s that time of year again, and everyone is scheduling their holiday family photo sessions. When setting up these shoots, clients often ask for your advice on what to wear. It can be tricky to determine how to coordinate outfits throughout an entire family, without just wearing the obvious white shirt and jeans. Here are some great lay-downs with inspiration and ideas on how to perfectly execute a family outfit.


First things first, it’s really important everyone wears something they feel comfortable in and like themselves. The whole purpose of a photo session is to capture the individuality of your subjects, so they should remain true to their own style. In theses examples, you’ll notice there aren’t any outrageous, distracting patterns or logos that would take away from the subjects. There are pops of color strung throughout, tying each outfit together. 


If they’d like to remain more muted and neutral, adding texture and subtle pattern can help amp up the overall look. Adding a few subtle accessories can finish the look nicely, and bring out a little personality too.













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