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Sweet Graphix Design & Photography is definitely NOT your average retail design and photography company.  My name is Brooke Ragsdale and I will work with throughout the process, starting with getting to know you so I can pick up on your personality traits all the way to your intentions for your finished designs and/or photographs.  I want you to walk away from this experience feeling like you will “do” something artistic or creative with the photographs instead of tossing them into an envelope and storing them in “that” box in your attic.

I am probably one of the most laid back and comical people you will ever meet.  I am known for taking awkward situations and turning them into something so funny it’s a top 10 honorable mention.  When working with me I want you to feel relaxed and walking away feeling like you had a blast. I’m a spectator for the most part.  I like to hang out on the “out-skirts” and watch my subjects interact, especially when photographing children.  I get so tickled when watching children interact with each other and when they discover something new.  Being able to capture the expression on their tiny little faces is a great way to document a monumental milestone and deserves to sit on the mantel.

Often with large groups of people like families, I have to get involved a bit more and suggest certain poses but I still like to stay in the background to photograph who you really are.  I want you to be able to look back through your photographs and see yourself and feel your personality jump off the page.

By now you should have a decent understanding of how I work and if you decide that my style isn’t what you are after, then I would be more than happy to refer you to a few other local companies that offer a different experience.  My mission for my photography business is not about creating art for myself but for you, my client.  I want to create things that YOU will appreciate and want hanging in your home for many, many years.  I’m all about dirty faces, bare feet splashing in puddles, crocs, scuffed knees.  These are real life things and moments and those are what I love to capture for you.  That being said, I love taking my photos a bit further and performing artistic edits on them.  For examples of that, please look through the retouching photo folder.

I want to be remembered for "Creating your life in Art."

Please contact me today about booking your session and capturing this time in your family’s life together at
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Thursday, March 25, 2010
Every senior that passes through Sweet Graphix Design & Photography deserves only the best. It’s not just about remembering how you looked during your senior year, it’s about making a memory. It’s about evoking emotions as you reflect back over the years remembering your youth. It’s telling your story, the senior chapter of your book.
You will not be expected to stand in stiff, uncomfortable posses. You will not be asked to do anything “cheesy.” You will be able to design your portrait session, including that matters to you as the individual during “your” special time.
What makes me unique is that I take my time with each client, limiting just how many sessions we take on each week. Designing a session just for you and providing you with only the best quality images, listening to your ideas, and helping you build a portrait collection that you will be proud of and cherish forever.
Sweet Graphix Design & Photography is simply all about creating your own life in art.

Traditionally, these are booked during the summer before your senior year of high school. We recommend having your portraits taken as early in the summer as possible, or wait until the fall. The reason is that we have very hot and humid summers in Chattanooga, TN and we want everyone to be comfortable. Also, as the summer progresses, we get busier and busier. Therefore, our calendar fills quickly.
If you need images for graduation, try and book your last minute senior portrait session, no later than two months before graduation! You need time to have your images retouched, printed, and inserted into your graduation announcements.
Please note, I schedule the majority of the out on location shoots on Tuesdays and Sundays. Saturdays are mainly reserved for weddings and birthdays.  I have opening throughout the week however they fill up very fast. So even if you think it is too early to schedule, you might want to give me a call. All out-source print jobs and in-house printing will be processed on Fridays. I book sessions 7 days a week and can book via phone, email, Facebook, and my blog.

Contact Information:
phone: 423.710.3372
After much time and consideration I have decided to combine both my Sweet Graphix Design blog along with my Sweet Graphix Photography blog.  I was going nuts trying to go between the two and keeping up has been almost impossible.  Please look around and get familiar with the new layout.  It is Senior picture season so you need to schedule a session today!
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