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Sweet Graphix Design & Photography is definitely NOT your average retail design and photography company.  My name is Brooke Ragsdale and I will work with throughout the process, starting with getting to know you so I can pick up on your personality traits all the way to your intentions for your finished designs and/or photographs.  I want you to walk away from this experience feeling like you will “do” something artistic or creative with the photographs instead of tossing them into an envelope and storing them in “that” box in your attic.

I am probably one of the most laid back and comical people you will ever meet.  I am known for taking awkward situations and turning them into something so funny it’s a top 10 honorable mention.  When working with me I want you to feel relaxed and walking away feeling like you had a blast. I’m a spectator for the most part.  I like to hang out on the “out-skirts” and watch my subjects interact, especially when photographing children.  I get so tickled when watching children interact with each other and when they discover something new.  Being able to capture the expression on their tiny little faces is a great way to document a monumental milestone and deserves to sit on the mantel.

Often with large groups of people like families, I have to get involved a bit more and suggest certain poses but I still like to stay in the background to photograph who you really are.  I want you to be able to look back through your photographs and see yourself and feel your personality jump off the page.

By now you should have a decent understanding of how I work and if you decide that my style isn’t what you are after, then I would be more than happy to refer you to a few other local companies that offer a different experience.  My mission for my photography business is not about creating art for myself but for you, my client.  I want to create things that YOU will appreciate and want hanging in your home for many, many years.  I’m all about dirty faces, bare feet splashing in puddles, crocs, scuffed knees.  These are real life things and moments and those are what I love to capture for you.  That being said, I love taking my photos a bit further and performing artistic edits on them.  For examples of that, please look through the retouching photo folder.

I want to be remembered for "Creating your life in Art."

Please contact me today about booking your session and capturing this time in your family’s life together at
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Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Olive Juice Shoppe Little Big Christmas Giveaway!

who? me and a few other givers in the Christmas mood

what? over $600 worth of photog goodies!

when? Dec16-20

and then when? winner(s) announced Dec22

why? why not? :D

The Details:

I LOVE my customers! It’s because of you that I get to do what I love-

Create fresh & fun yet functionally useful presets and actions for Lightroom & Photoshop!

So I thought I would give away my FAVORITE photography processing tool—> Lightroom.

I really wanted to gift this awesome program to someone… So I bought it and it’s sitting here by my desk – ready to go to a good home!

And to put icing on your Christmas sugar cookies- I pulled together a few other kickin’ prizes from vendors I love.

I didn’t contact just ANY vendors to get their goodies. I handpicked these prizes from people I actually know and love!


Prize 1: So in addition to winning Lightroom 3 (depending on Amazon’s mood can cost up to $299!) …

Prize 2: You will win a fantastic seat (worth more than $200!) in a Lightroom: Down & Dirty Workshop.  At your own pace learn the basics and beyond of Lightroom. Kylie at Photoshop Naked is a super sweet gal and I know you’ll love this workshop! People ask me why I don’t teach Lightroom. Why? Kylie can do it a hundred times better than me and my ADD self could!  (link takes you to more info on the workshop!)

Prize 3: Whether you are just starting out and need to put a brand together or need to re-brand, Kim at Madilu Designs can help you! The winner gets $100 to go towards custom branding from Madilu Designs. (I love working with her. She did the logo and my branding for all my photography materials like CD cover and business card!)

Prize 4: Evoking You Ahhh I love this place! Kelsey is the founder of Evoking You.  Be inspired. Check out her site. You will get sucked in. I’m warning you- just sayin’.  Winner gets an entire year pass to Evoking You Forum! A total non-business forum. Art served straight up. Come in to inspire and be inspired. Climb out of that box and rediscover your love for photography!

Prize 5: Loooops of Love  Soft & sweet newborn head band. A fellow photographer who creates some sweet head bands and hats and more. Love nubby materials and earth tones? Then check out Kaitlyn’s work! I especially love her delicate earth-toned and pastel colored headbands. Elegant touch for newborn baby girl sessions!

Prize 6: Stella B Designs I have a ton of Brooke’s stuff. I asked her to make me some Lens Critters and poof! She did. I love using them on toddler sessions! Sweet hats that my own daughters love to wear? Got’em! Her owl hats caught my eye and I just HAD to beg her to donate one to the giveaway!

Let’s see…what else was I giving away?

Oh yeah!!

Prize 7: You pick a set of Olive Juice presets OR handpick 10 individual presets from various Olive Juice sets of presets and I will custom tweak them to YOUR images!




So what do YOU need to do to enter?


This is the cool part.

You don’t have to like a bazillion Facebook pages or ANY for that matter .

(But you certainly will make these vendors day if you do!)

1. On MERIT I ask you to personally go to each person’s link and check out their work.

(links above. plus you’ll learn more about their prize!)

2. After you check them all out, please post about THIS giveaway with a link to this giveaway on your Google+, Twitter or Facebook.

3.  In ONE post – come back here and tell me that you checked everyone & posted a link to the contest.

4. That’s it, yo!


THAT is your entry. Just ONE entry per contestant.

IF we get 200 entries, I will add a Second prize.

I will give away my ENTIRE Shoppe to the Winner (in addition to me custom tweaking one set or 10 individual presets)

PLUS I will draw a second random number and THAT person will also win their choice of  a PSE & LR or PS & LR Bundle!

**you can share the contest link MORE places and more often- if you’d like to bump up the stakes BUT you do not get extra entries.


So pass the word on our Little Big Christmas Giveaway and bump up the stakes!

**Domestic shipping of physical products will be paid by the vendor.  International shipping costs will need to be covered by the winner.

Want to see more info? All through the Giveaway I will be posting tidbits, images from the vendors and sharing more stuff on our awesome Vendors!

Checkout my Facebook to stay updated on the Christmas what-nots and see how close you are getting to the 200!

Olive Juice Shoppe


You don’t have to check/fan/like these to enter- but just in case you wanted to…

Facebook Links for our awesome contributing Vendors!

Photoshop Naked/Lightroom Down & Dirty

Madilu Designs

Evoking You

Loooops of Love

Stella B Designs




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